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Dual CS 505-4 turntable

Dual CS 505-4 turntable Dual CS 505-4 turntable
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Dual CS 505-4 Semi-automatic turntable with Subchassis
The Dual CS 505 is not much can abgewinnen for HiFi fan of automatic functions, only the Tonarmanhebung is included here at the end of the plate. Thus, the turntable is a Former in the high-end class in which there are sound reasons no automatic functions.
Completely vibration-damped suspended system has a fine speed adjustment, which brings a more stable speed and thus more sonic benefits.


  • Cardan bearing with zero-mass tracking force setting thanks to precision torsion spring high
  • Removable headshell by 1/2-inch fixing holes
  • Tracking force and anti-skating
  • particularly torsionally rigid headshell made of carbon fiber
  • massive glued wooden panel
  • Full board with floating suspension
  • Vibration-damped aluminum platter
  • antistatic treated, thick felt lining
  • Belt drive with polished flat belt
  • 16-pole synchronous motor with speed precision adjustment
  • Viscosity-armlift
  • Limit with Tonarmanhebung
  • Magnetic cartridge Ortofon OMB 10
  • Dimensions W x D x H in mm 440 x 370 x 147
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