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Rega RP8

Rega RP8 Rega RP8 Rega RP8 Rega RP8
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Rega RP8 (without cartridge)

The Rega RP8 is a turntable of the superclass. The new, skelsttartige, construction with low weight and high rigidity is groundbreaking.

Low mass and extremely torsion-resistant construction, the chassis for accurate reproduction ensures. Mounted is the Rega with the RB 808 tonearm handmade. The platter consists of three different sizes are glued together sheets of glass. The Rega RP1 is supplied with a transparent cover to protect against dust. Here was particularly placed on the decoupling of the frame and the dust cover value.

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  • New handmade Tonearm RB808
  • Chassis with foam core, with extremely low weight and high torsional stiffness
  • Platter of three glued together layers of glass of different sizes
  • TT-PSU-R power supply with speed change
  • Hum and vibration-free 24 V motor
  • Belt runners
  • clear dome
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