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Acoustic Solid Wood turntable

Acoustic Solid Wood turntable
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Magnificent ground drive that makes its name

The turntable consists of a massive multiple glued base which is veneered in veschiedenen real wood versions. The aluminum platter weighing six kilograms completes the massive appearance from effective.

An ingenious, as well as simple Tonarmaufnahme allows almost any tonearm with the Acoustic Solid Wood undergoing a liaison. is delivered to the turntable with the WTB 300 tonearm and a high-quality pickup.

On request other tonearm / Tonabehmer combinations are possible.

  • 60 mm solid aluminum manufactured in one clamping.
  • Genuine Leather + 5mm transparent plexiglass support
  • Tonearm WTB 300
  • Synchronous motor
  • Microcontroller controlled power supply with speed change
  • String drive in separate housing
  • 80 mm thick and real wood veneered panel in cherry
  • Footprint 470 x 370 x 250 mm
  • 35 kg
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