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Fullrange chassis Monacor SPH-30X 4 Ohm

HiFi Fullrange in miniature SPH 30 X 4 Ohm

This full-range loudspeaker combines the smallest space a variety speaker technology highlights: an extremely light, but nevertheless well dampened Kevlar cone, a fully ventilated motor system, a high-quality neodymium magnet system with double magnet and a newly developed basket which particularly favorable assembly even with multiple arrangements allowed. Applications of this amazingly high efficiency small loudspeaker ranges from small speakers for background music or for example as rear speakers in home theater systems through use as Mittelhochtonlautsprecher or broadband midrange in high-end hi-fi speakers to multiple arrangements in column speakers.

Klang + Ton 04/2004 "shine with unexpectedly high efficiency."

HiFi DIY, Online magazine 2008

"The MONACOR SPH-30 / X4 is a well-made, modern 3" full range drivers with more strengths than weaknesses. A 3 "full range driver, which is not very linear, but it could get a little loud may and can be used in many ways."

Technical Specifications

  • Impedance (Z) 4 Ohm
  • Resonance frequency (fs) 105 Hz
  • Max. Frequency Range Hz f3-17000
  • Maximum input power 50 W MAX
  • Nominal input power (P) 20 WRMS
  • Avg. SPL (1W / 1m) 87 dB
  • Compliance (Cms) 0.84 mm / N
  • Moving mass (Mms) 2.63 g
  • Mechanical properties (QMS) 9,35
  • Electrical grade (QES) 0.41
  • Overall quality (QTS) 0.39
  • Equivalent volume (Vas) 1.06 l
  • Gleichstromwiderst. (Re) 3.55 ohms
  • Schwingspulenind. (Le) 0.5 mH
  • Voice coil diameter 21 mm
  • Kapton voice coil former
  • Linear excursion (XMAX) ± 2 mm
  • Eff. Cone area (Sd) 30 cm²
  • Weight 150 g
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