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LP Various - Stockfisch Vinyl Collection Vol. 1

LP Various - Stockfisch Vinyl Collection Vol. 1
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LP Various -. Stockfish Vinyl Collection Vol 1 (180 g)

Artist: Sara K., Mike Silver, Steve Strauss

Genre: Audiophile LP (vinyl)

Label: stockfish


Now appears the first time a stockfish sampler as Vinyl record: the codfish Records Vinyl Collection. Günter Pauler has 10 very nice shots as Sara K.'s 'Stars', Mike Silver's 'Heaven' or Steve Strauss? 'Closer' from the stockfish repertoire the past four years selected. Equipped with LP gatefold cover and space for lots of interesting observations and pictures for technique of vinyl and DMM mastering in the addendum.


  1. No Sanctuary Here (Jones, Chris)
  2. Stars (Sara K.)
  3. Captain Of The Loving Kind (Stephenson, Paul)
  4. Caruso (Willisohn, Chrisitan)
  5. Song For You Far Away (Roth, David)
  6. Closer (Strauss, Steve)
  7. Paris (Carruthers, Ewen)
  8. The Same Kind Words (Ruffolo, Eugene)
  9. Heaven (Silver, Mike)
  10. Au Large Du Gueveur (Capart, Louis)
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