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LP The Sparks - Kimono My House (180g)

LP The Sparks - Kimono My House (180g)
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The Sparks - Kimono My House (180g)
April 1974 Sparks occur in "Top Of The Pops". According to the accompanying booklet is to a certain John Lennon, the only Beatle who could themselves from and to shock, have gejapst with the words "Hitler's On The Telly" for air. In fact, the appearance of Ron Mael put then approaching such a comparison. Russell Mael later apologized the fact that they had no idea what effect this had.
But it was not just that. Apart from that the record company was pissed because of the extremely contrasting looks of the two brothers (one was thinking more of two handsome brothers, that you wanted to market as uniform as possible), unsettled the proffered single "This Town Is not Big Enough For Both Of Us "viewers (and listeners) but significantly. Perhaps that is one reason why they never came in at number 1. The title alone, which could come from a classic Western confused, it was not dwelt, concise title that included more than four words to get introduced.
It starts with a simple piano melody, to Russell starts falsetto vocals, then a shot is fired and then they boarded surprise attack going on, staccato piano, guitar and the following text: "Zoo Time Is She And You Time, The Mammals Are Your Favourite Type And You Want Her Tonight, Heartbeat Increasing Heartbeat You Hear The Thunder Of Stampeding Rhinos, Elephants And Tacky Tigers, This Town Is not Big Enough For Both Of Us And It Is not Me Who's Gonna Leave ". Shortly thereafter, we encounter a more vicious and misleading line of text, as it had the Sparks again and again: "As Twenty Cannibals Have Hold Of You, They Need Their protein Just like You". In addition, the song had no chorus.
So, Amateur Hour "This Town ... The following single was a hammer and Sparks immediately on everyone's lips." "Has been well received with enthusiasm as the LP" Kimono My House "a corruption of" Come Into My House "(By the way, that Ron and Russell Mael posing on the cover as geishas, ??is to refer to the realm of fable). "Kimono My House" suggested, although never number one, a full bottle. Their bitchy, cranky music came with the English and the rest of Europe much better on than in their homeland America.
And what did the lyrics for "Falling In Love With Myself Again" is pure bullshit of narcissism, "Here In Heaven" is about a man who has decided together with his girl to commit suicide, but has it hard linked ( "Now I Know Why You Let Me Take The Lead") and "Hasta Manana Monsieur" describes the difficulties, if you want to chat up a girl whose language you do not understand.
"Kimono My House" is a milestone in rock music and it is a pity that Sparks never had commercial success as their Ehrschätzung in the rock world in general. This is probably because they were simply ANDERS and when they were actually commercial, they took it no longer really true.

This is the new version as a limited edition as part of the "Back to Black" series of universal and comes with MP3 code therefore.

  1. This Town Is not Big Enough For Both Of Us
  2. Amateur Hour
  3. Falling In Love With Myself Again
  4. Here In Heaven
  5. Thank God It's Not Christmas
  6. Hasta Mañana, Monsieur
  7. Complaints
  8. In My Familiy
  9. Equator

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