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LP Sunya Beat - Comin soon

LP Sunya Beat - Comin soon
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LP Sunya Beat - Comin soon (2 x 120 g)

Artist: Sunya Beat

Genre: Rock / Pop

Label: Herzberg Verlags-GmbH


Burg Herzberg Festival 2005. Who was there in July this year and the groups present has experienced, which should introduce the music of Sunya Beat towards Korai Örom, Space Ritual and Ozric Tentakles. Although clear echoes can be heard at just mentioned bands, blank as well Hawkwind or the old Tangerine Dream from time to greet, to Sunya Beat to hear again after himself.

Friends, attracts your old Morocco jackets and baggy trousers, provides water pipes and smoked rod ready. There is almost 77 minutes the soundtrack for lifting!


  1. Skies Unlimited
  2. At the beginning
  3. Delhi Slideshow
  4. Bond's Off
  5. gamma way
  6. Lys Trois
  7. Herzberg Anthem (Bonus Track)
  8. Sierra Nostra
  9. Landmark 3
  10. Voodoo Chile (Bonus Track)
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