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LP Portishead - Dummy

LP Portishead - Dummy
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Portishead - Dummy
"Dummy" recorded in 1993 and 1994, published in October 1994, is the first album of the trip-hop band "Portishead" from Bristol. It is regarded as the style for the genre.
Besides the band members Gibbons, Barrow and Utley some studio musicians were hired: Gary Baldwin (Hammond organ), Neil Solman (keyboards), Andy Hague (trumpet), Clive Deamer (drums) and Richard Newell (drum machine).
In many songs on the album samples are used by other musicians, including Lalo Schifrin ( "The Danube Incident") and Smokey Brooks ( "Spin It Jig") in Sour times, Weather Report ( "Elegant People"), in Strangers and Johnnie Ray ( "I'll Never fall in Love Again") in Biscuit.
However, the known sample is Isaac Hayes' "Ike's Rap II" in "Glory Box". Curiously, the same song was also used in almost the same time resulting song "Hell Is Round The Corner" from "Tricky".
"Mysterons" contains a sample from the 1967 broadcast in England science fiction series "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons". The song takes up the eerie atmosphere of this series, in which "Mysterons" invisible aliens that communicate through distorted voices from radios and TV sets.
In the charts, the album was 19 weeks between 30 January and 27 August 1995 and came to number 45. In the UK charts it held against it 71 weeks and came to number 2. Of the magazines " the Face "," mix Mag "and" Melody Maker "was chosen it as album of the year.
Also received "Portishead" for her first work to "Mercury Music Prize", also for the best album of the year. The "Rolling Stone" it took in its "List of 500 best albums of all time". The "New Musical Express" takes it in the "Top 30 Heartbreak album".
In the German music magazine "Spex", the album was ranked 6 of Fame 1994, and number 60 of the "plates of the century".
The magazine "Visions" put it on their list, "The most important albums of the 90" to 2nd place.
Several pieces of the album served as soundtrack: "Glory Box" in the films "Stealing Beauty", "The Craft," "And everyone is looking for his kitten" and "Lord of War - Merchants of Death", "Roads" in "tank Girl "," Little Criminals "and the television series" MillenniuM "
"Numb" in "The Confessional".
  1. Mysterons
  2. sour Times
  3. Strangers
  4. It Could Be Sweet
  5. Wandering Star
  6. It's A Fire
  7. Numb
  8. Roads
  9. Pedestal
  10. Biscuit
  11. Glory box
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