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LP MFSL Weezer Green Album

LP MFSL Weezer Green Album
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Weezer - Green Album MFSL 1-394180 gram vinyl
The third album from Weezer nearly did not materialize. After the moderate success of its predecessor Pinkerton in 1996, the head of the band, Rivers Cuomo decided to go back to college. Only a while after the release of Pinkerton sat down with the critics by, received the legitimate recognition and blossomed into a cult album. This fact was also the Weezer members not hidden and not later than on the Japan tour in 2000 was clear: the fans were waiting for new songs. What then began was one of the most sustainable comeback stories of the music history.
As producer of the Green album, the band chose as already for the debut the Cars icon Ric Ocasek. Rivers Cuomo wrote a series of punk-pop songs with a high recognition value in Weezer style, including the worldwide hit Iceland In The Sun. With just under 29 minutes of play, the Green Album is more compact, but worth every penny. In remastering of war Wunderlich win Cuomo vocal clarity and focus, and the band sounds with maximum dynamics.
  1. Do not Let Go
  2. photographer
  3. hash Pipe
  4. Iceland in the Sun
  5. Crab
  6. Knock-Down Drag-Out
  7. Smile
  8. Simple Pages
  9. Glorious Day
  10. O Girlfriend
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