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LP MFSL Patricia Barber - Smash

LP MFSL Patricia Barber - Smash 180 gram vinyl limited
Patricia Barber's music scene no longer a stranger. Earlier, long out MFSL editions of their albums reach on eBay high prices today. And yet it is true - as opposed to, for example, Diana Krall - still an insider tip. That may be because the great pianist, innovative composer, extraordinary vocalist and original poet really in any niche has space. Between challenging and fun, everything is possible with her. With Smash Barber published in early 2013 their first album after nearly five years - a time that was marked by personal losses, of farewells of familiar people. And so also records the album by melancholy and angry tones.
Smash also marks the change from the Blue Note label to Concord Records for Barber. Together with guitarist John Kregor, bassist Larry Kohut and drummer Jon Deitemyer it is in this case above all expectations away and confirms its reputation as an excellent songwriter. Her arrangements are a translation of emotions and reflect the human cycle of life and death. Barbers seductive, breathy voice, her lithe legs with his right hand, her nuanced harmonies assets the handset to hypnotize. Sound engineer Jim Anderson worked already at their early releases with Jazzerin and was this time responsible for recording. The MFSL remastering of war Wunderlich makes the excellent presentation a truly excellent listening pleasure. The 180g double vinyl LP appears in gatefold limited edition with consecutive serial number.
  • Side One
  • 1. Code Cool
  • 2. The Windsong
  • 3. Romanesque
  • Side Two
  • 4. Smash
  • 5. Redshift
  • 6. Spring Song
  • Side Three
  • 7. Devil's Food
  • 8. Scream
  • 9. The Swim
  • Side Four
  • 10. Bashful
  • 11. The Storyteller
  • 12 Missing
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