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LP MFSL Linda Ronstadt - Simple Dreams

LP MFSL Linda Ronstadt - Simple Dreams
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Linda Ronstadt - Simple Dreams (33 rpm, 180 g)

The Fanst argue today about whether the 1977's Simple Dreams the best Ronstadt was now album, or whether it Heart like a wheel would deserve this title. Unbstritten however is the great success of this album with number 1 in the US charts and the music far beyond the Country genre beyond picking.

In selecting securities, Linda Ronstadt leaves time while she rearranged older Stüche simultaneously on pieces known colleagues such as Roy Orbison, Warren Zevon or the Rolling Stones. Common to all is their impressive voice with which it impresses every song their own stamp.

The MFSL re-mastering by Shawn R. Britton raised previously spilled dynamic nuances to life and that the formerly often veiled sounding recording retains its heat, however, is now also represented spatially nuanced and contains fine details. The LP appears in gatefold cover and on the inside is a beautiful photo of waiting for the concert band. The LP will appear with consecutive serial number.


  1. It's So Easy
  2. Carmelita
  3. Simple Man, Simple Dream
  4. Sorrow Lives Here
  5. I Never Will Marry
  6. Blue Bayou
  7. Poor Poor Pitiful Me
  8. Maybe I'm Right
  9. Tumbling Dice
  10. Old Paint

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