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LP MFSL Inxs Like Like Thieves

INXS - Listen Like Thieves MOFI 041 140 gram vinyl

With Kick INXS landed the biggest throw of her career, but the fifth album of Australians, Listen Like Thieves, brought them international breakthrough. Three chart positions - What You Need, Listen Like Thieves, Kiss The Dirt - the publication published in 1985 secured the band's heavy rotation in mainstream radio. By working with producer Chris Thomas, who has also worked for John Cale, Pete Townshend and Roxy Music, was the spectrum of INXS versatile, reaching a wider audience.

Singer Michael Hutchence sang with more confidence, soul and warmth, his appearance changes between the bravado of a Mick Jagger and the draft of Jim Morrison. INXS manage to reveal the Rolling Stones as models without degenerating itself to mere imitation.


  1. What You Need
  2. Listen Like Thieves
  3. Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)
  4. Shine Like It Does
  5. Good & Bad Times
  6. Biting Bullets
  7. this Time
  8. Three Sisters
  9. Same Direction
  10. One X One
  11. Red Red Sun
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Silver Label

Under the product name Silver label releases MFSL since the beginning of 2011 a new series of LPs. These are mastered at Mobile Fidelity to the constructed by Tim de Paravicini mastering chain and re-cut and pressed at RTI in Los Angeles on 140g vinyl. The packaging complies with a fed rice paper inner sleeve, a protective liner casing and a consecutive serial number on the outer cover, the same high standards as the famous Original Master Recording Series. Mobile Fidelity is planning a series of experimental and publications and is in this series also willing to make do with a copy of the master tape to take if the original tape can not be made available. All LPs appear as a limited edition and are likely to become coveted collector's items.

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