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LP MFSL Grateful Dead - In the Dark (180 Gramm)

LP MFSL Grateful Dead - In the Dark (180 Gramm)
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LP MFSL Grateful Dead - In the Dark (180 grams)
Lange fans had musing about why the studio albums the Grateful Dead always lacked the carefree energy and the natural flow of live concerts. "In the Dark" came this lightness finally close. The Dead Heads had to wait until 1987 appeared a new album from their favorite band for six long years. Although between the predecessor "Dead Set" and the new publication there were countless acclaimed live performances. But it was only "in the dark" to Grateful Dead catapulted really back into the limelight and made more than twenty years after the band was founded with "Touch of Grey" her only Top 40 hit. A new generation of music listeners was suddenly infected with the Dead-fever and the band to fame, with which one could fill stadiums.
The recording was made mostly with the newly published Dolby SR technology in Marin Civic Auditorium, with an astonishing spatial separation of instruments was possible - also live. You realize the technological advances in recording technology in relation to the older recordings then also quite clearly. Jerry Garcia, who had to fight until zoom back to the music after a serious illness and a multi-day coma before recording acts as recharged. In addition to the congenial, written in collaboration with Robert Hunter "Touch of Grey", the album contains such excellent songs like the wise-cynical "Hell in a Bucket" and the complex arranged "Throwing Stones". Irresistible hooks, choruses that force them to sing along and the indisputable dynamic duo García / Weir are just some of the reasons that led to its great success.
The 180g vinyl LP "In the Dark" will appear as part of a series of remastering Grateful Dead albums, in the already "Live / Dead", "Skull and Roses" and "wake of the flood" are available. Delivered is the album a gatefold sleeve with additional band photos and turned stempelter serial number. The LP-incision was made from war Wunderlich in Half-speed mastering.
  1. Touch of Grey
  2. Hell in a Bucket
  3. When Push Comes to Shove
  4. West LA fadeaway
  5. Tons of Steel
  6. Throwing Stones
  7. Black Muddy River

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