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LP MFSL Faith No More - Angel Dust

Faith No More - Angel Dust (33rpm, 180g)

The rock group Faith No More had with the 1991 released album "Angel Dust" their breakthrough. At the same time was the combination of progressive rock and set pieces that would actually belongs in a movie soundtrack. Warner Brothers dared actually bizarre masterpiece of the band from San Francisco to Publish, setting a counterpart to bands like the Red Hot Cilli Peppers. The album made it to # 10 in the US charts and there were more than three million copies sold.

The sound of this rock album a big step forward. The Bass is crisp and concise and the tonality recording was preserved. We will not say there is no good shots in the area to buy "alternative rock".

The MFSL Half-speed mastering for this LP was conducted by Rob Loverde in Sebastopol. Rob could not resist and has carved a confessed fan still a small tribute in the space of escape grooves. "Rock On Kevin!". The MFSL reissue released as a double LP in gatefold sleeve with consecutive serial number.


  1. Land of Sunshine
  2. Caffeine
  3. midlife Crisis
  4. RV
  5. Smaller and Smaller
  6. Everything's Ruined
  7. Malpractice
  8. kindergarten
  9. Be Aggressive
  10. A Small Victory
  11. crack Hitler
  12. Jizzlobber
  13. Midnight Cowboy
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