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LP MFSL Elvis Costello - Armed Forces

Elvis Costello - Armed Forces (180g Vinyl LP)
Most of the songs on this album from 1979 wrote Elvis Costello while touring with the Attractions. In contrast to the noisy predecessor album "This Year's Model" Armed Forces is consistently melodic and perhaps precisely because the political lyrics are so beautifully haunting. The critics are not agreed whether Costello on this album his interpersonal problems just hidden, or disguised as a pop musician first fully lived out.
Sonically the album for a Costello album is unusually well produced and studio work can also fine details of the keyboards and guitar recognize. The MFSL Re-Mastering by Shawn R. Britton brings airiness and heat in the intake and consecutively numbered Cover recreates in vivid colors the late 70s again.
  1. Accidents Will Happen
  2. Senior Service
  3. Oliver's Army
  4. Big Boys
  5. Green Shirt
  6. Party Girl
  7. Goon Squad
  8. Busy Bodies
  9. Moods For Moderns
  10. Chemistry Class
  11. Two Little Hitler
  12. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?
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