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LP MFSL Cowboy Junkies - Whites off Earth Now !!

LP MFSL Cowboy Junkies - Whites off Earth Now !!
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Cowboy Junkies - Whites off Earth Now !! (33 rpm, 180 g)

When three siblings and a buddy who otherwise play punk record with a mini budget a true-blues disc, then usually goes wrong. Or it is an outstanding album, as in this case. Chilling music with unexpectedly good sound quality. Now as 180g LP with limited to 3000 copies edition.

This is a dyed in the wool Blue Album. One in which up the hackles and goosebumps running pleasantly along the back. An album has written the story and did away with a variety of prejudices. An album in which almost everything was done the way you could not make it, according to the approved statutes of the music business. The first serious mistake was that the Cowboy Junkies part of the punk scene were actually, but privately Blues rather have liked. Then this band was also from the three Timmins siblings and a friend from school days. And actually had four no money for an album, since you earned the toads with concerts and not a major label even vaguely interested in the four.

This band came now to the sound engineer and producer Peter Moore. A man of principle, ever makes anything else, just to prove that it is so well goes. He took symphony on with just one microphone. He found that the legendary Dire Straits album totproduziert "Brothers in Arms" and is a betrayal of the music world. And he had in mind to annoy his colleagues a lot of fun. He produced this album, with only one microphone. In the garage of the family Timmins on June 28, 1986 sweltering heat in Canada. The garage reeked of mold, because the preserved there old mattresses had become damp in winter. Guitarist Michael Timmins had the flu and to make matters worse was even the coffee machine in the kitchen broken when Peter Moore put the direct wiring of a binaural microphone down there.

Since, however, with only one microphone can not disqualify the volume control was made equal in the garage. Before the microphone of the bass amp, guitar amp and the PA system by Margo Timmins came to sing. Drums were exiled to the far corner and then everything else leveled on the volume of the drum sets. And it worked! All pieces were played. Most were at second or third time. And the Blues was Junkies with the cowboy. The Springsteen song "State Trooper" has width and the guitar speaks of loneliness and if Margo Timmins her soul promises the devil, then one would like to call, just to know how it goes.

Since the entire budget of four just one thousand US dollars amounted to was not to think of a cover designer. The cover image consisted of four Polaroid snapshots of the band members, Marker painting and airbrush attempts. And the album should still be so successful that it should make the band members to thoroughbred musicians. For Grammy winners and one of the most influential blues bands in the world. Probably you angry today at A & M Records in Canada that you rejected this band because of their depressive mood and brother and sister dismissed as a marketing disaster in a band.
Half-speed mastering in Sebastopol by Shawn R. Britton. The LP comes in gatefold sleeve with extensive dedication by Dave Bowler. Together with the simultaneously appearing Michael Brecker album "Pilgrimage" this is the first attempt of MFSL with pressed in Germany vinyl.

  1. Shining Moon
  2. State Trooper
  3. Me And The Devil
  4. Decoration Day
  5. Baby Please Do not Go
  6. I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive
  7. Take Me
  8. Forgive Me
  9. Crossroads
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