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LP David Roth - Pearl Diver

LP David Roth - Pearl Diver
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LP David Roth - Pearl Diver

Artist: David Roth

Label: stockfish


"One of the reasons I write songs and play music is to try and bring more beauty into a world did needs more beauty." (DAVID ROTH)

The songs of American singer-songwriter David Roth touch all the senses? Its clear, soulful voice carries emotion, of whom one is startled slightly at first - because they are so unusual intense. It converts each sung word deliberately, it makes it sound unique. Its sung stories turn out to be reality. David Roth has not invented these stories. Why should they?

David Roth sings songs that start innocently, but every word counts: 'John and Josie' is the key to an experience that makes it clear that nothing is as it seems. 'That Kind of Grace' describes an example of how pervasive is violence in our time. Then there are songs that are very personal and suddenly you discover forgotten, repressed images. David Roth is an observer who looks closely, accurately perceives. willingly Follow the clear text lines and the harmonious melodies of the songs. The head of the listener reaches David Roth over his heart.

David Roth was born in Chicago and now lives on Cape Cod, a peninsula in Boston - a home for artists, a somewhat different America. He has already recorded 6 CDs in the United States, for its STOCKFISCH debut 'Pearl Diver' he came to the Northeimer STOCKFISCH studio and played 12 wonderful songs and an instrumental one: A great album - smart, poetic and very emotional.


  1. Before I Die
  2. Bake Sale
  3. Rising In Love
  4. Pearl Diver
  5. John And Josie
  6. The Jordan Waltz
  7. Vincent
  8. That Kind Of Grace
  9. Some Kind Of Hero
  10. Lullaby
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