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LP Arborea - Fortress Of The Sun

Arborea - Fortress Of The Sun
The present LP "Fortress of the Sun" is the fifth album of the ensemble and their first release on the label ESP.
Comprised of Shanti Curran and Buck Curran Duo "Arborea" comes from Maine and one of the most successful alchemist "indie psychedelic folk scene"
With their songs, in which they weave elaborate carpets of indie rock, Appachian Folk, Ambient and Psychodelic sound, they combine delicate beauty with mystical poetry and the timelessness of old ways.
Shanti's voice is a gentle but powerful force in this artwork. The calm music, but causes the handset to always feel a little bit uncomfortable with their ethereal atmosphere.
  1. Pale Horse Phantasm
  2. Daughters Of Man
  3. After The Flood Only Love Remains
  4. Ghost
  5. Rider
  6. When I Was On Horseback
  7. Rua The Aldas
  8. Cherry Tree Carol

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