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XRCD Será una Noche

XRCD Será una Noche
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Será una Noche

Only one night. So simple is the translation of the title. The road to this recording in the Monasterio de San José de Gándara about 150km from Buenos Aires in June 1998. It should be an extraordinary Tango Album.

The concept of the album was based on an idea by Santiago Vazquez, who was sitting here in the percussion, while aufrat as co-producer. He had heard an earlier Aufnahmve by Todd Garfinkel with Portuguese folklore and wanted this sound quality for a tango album with all-star cast. The argentinsche Popstar Pedro Aznar could be won for the vocals and the album has enjoyed success at international critics. Performed by Gabriel Kirschenbaum (guitar), Martin Iannaccone (Cello), Marcelo Moguilevsky (clarinet & flute), Gabriel Rivano (accordion), Santiago Vazquez (percussion) and a singer Pedro Aznar. Was incorporated as 96KHz single point DAT by two Bruel + Kjaer 4006 microphones. Wired was using Cardas Golden Cross cables and listened with STAX Signature headphones. Even if you do not like tango, so this album is very worth hearing and heard in any audiophile collection.


  1. Malena
  2. Soledad
  3. Quedémonos Aquí
  4. Vals en mi
  5. Como dos Extranos
  6. Nublado
  7. Malena (instrumental)
  8. Zamba de la Viuda
  9. Quejas de bandoneón
  10. Tanguito del 2000
  11. Andrea de La Boca
  12. Tristezas por un ano-Fuimos
  13. Volver

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