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XRCD Diabolus in Musica - Accardo interpreta Paganini

Diabolus in Musica - Accardo interpreta Paganini (XRCD 24)

This recording is a compilation of concerts Salvatore Accardos with the London Philharmonic Orchestra under conductor Charles Dutoit. The recordings took place in the London Barking Town Hall 1977 Herkulessaal to Monaco and 1975th The German Grammophon has analog tapes now as 24bit asked Master colleagues from Universal Music in Taiwan and those who thereby information at JVC in Japan produce a XRCD24.

On mixing with JVC in Yokohama this doyen Tohru Kotetsu and Combak chief Kazuo Kiuchi sat also had a very strong opinions to the desired sound. The result is a sound as musical masterpiece is quite explains why Paganini was called "devil's fiddler". The recordings are also almost no noise and thus also recommended particularly critical lovers in spite of the analog source material.


  1. La Risata del Diavolo (tema)
  2. La Campanella
  3. Capriccio for violin solo No. 5
  4. Rondo galante. andantino gaio
  5. Introduzione e variazone su God Save the King, Op. 9
  6. Capriccio for violin solo No. 24
  7. Polacca. Andantino vivace
  8. Capriccio for violin solo No. 1
  9. Rondo. Allegro spirituoso
  10. Sonata Moto Perpetuo

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