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XRCD Best Audiophile Voices

XRCD Best Audiophile Voices
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Best Audiophile Voices (XRCD2)

A compilation of known singers is nothing new. A, but with special emphasis on the sound quality, are more likely. And when the cast still like the "Who's Who" of international vocalists reads, then you have something special indeed.

Sonically the different recordings are passed through the XRCD process to a level which can darstehen in less shiny light the original. The Songauswahlt is clearly focused on ballads and invites you to enjoy.


  1. Eva Cassidy - What a Wondeful World
  2. Alison Krauss - It Would not have made a Difference
  3. Stacey Kent & Jim Tomlinson - No Nice
  4. Carol Kidd - When I Dream
  5. Jheena Lodwick - Perhaps Love
  6. Dave's True Story - Marisa
  7. Tish Hinojosa - Song for the Journey
  8. Ceryl Wheeler - Sylvia Hotel
  9. Salena Jones - You light up my life
  10. Eva Cassidy - Is not no Sunshine
  11. Jeannette Lindstrom & Steve Dobrogosz
  12. Allyson - Too Young to go steady
  13. Monica Mancini - Skylark
  14. Nnenna Freelon - Overjoyed

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