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SACD Walter Trout - Relentless

Walter Trout - Relentless (Hybrid SACD)

Artist: Walter Trout

Genre: Blues

Label: Ruf Records


For several years is now Walter Trout at Ruf Records and released his fourth CD now. His name brings a smile to the faces of fans around the world. With a relentless touring schedule, hours of concerts and close contact to his fans he has made a name. He knows what he is guilty of them, and his fan base is getting bigger every day.

Relentless - a look into the dictionary gives an idea of ??what lies behind the title of the CD: Relentless means mercilessly, relentlessly, inexorably and ready for anything.

The idea behind this album: release a brand new CD with new songs, recorded live in front of audiences in a legendary venue: the Paradiso in Amsterdam. The title Relentless as evenly already promises - to capture the merciless power of Walter Trout & the Radicals, the songs were recorded raw and unpolished, spontaneous and powerful.

Relentless is the result of 35 years of hard work, absolute dedication and minimize distractions. His guitar expresses his deepest emotions, his singing is his soul a voice. Years of itinerancy, constantly on tour, on the road, on a plane, on the way to the next concert, the sleepless nights, the wake-up call in the early morning: the consequence, if you have chosen a career in music. Glamour has so little to do. The tour life is full of rough strokes, burns and tears - as the paint on Walter's guitar. Relentless.


  1. I'm Tired
  2. The Life I Chose
  3. Jericho Road
  4. Work No More
  5. Cry If You Want To
  6. Chatroom Girl
  7. My Heart Is True
  8. Lonely Tonight
  9. Helpin 'hand
  10. Collingswood
  11. Empty Eyes
  12. The Best You Got
  13. Mercy

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