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SACD MFSL The Pretenders - Pretenders II

The Pretenders - Pretenders II (Hybrid SACD)
Why change something on a successful concept? After the Pretenders with their debut album Pretenders were successfully attached to a 2 on the track names and delivered with the perfect mix of pop, R & B, soul and classic rock and roll, the successor business. Again, it is the combination of songs by Crissie Hynde and the guitar work of James Honeyman-Scott, who is driving the work and ensures enormous enthusiasm for this title from the year 1981st
Critics 2 would contain too few new ideas and fresh love Crissie Hynde had written to cheerful songs, but what it changes nothing, that the Pretenders were one of the Super bands of the early '80s and dominated the sound of an entire generation.
The MFLS re-issue appears as a hybrid SACD in mini-LP as a limited edition and brings the dynamics of the original for the first time really to bear. Rob Loverde took Neudigitalisierung on the GAIN 2 mastering system.
  1. The Adultress
  2. Bad Boys Get Spanked
  3. Message of Love
  4. I Go to Sleep
  5. Birds of Paradise
  6. Talk of the Town
  7. Pack It Up
  8. Waste Not Want Not
  9. Day After Day
  10. Jealous Dogs
  11. The English Roses
  12. Louie Louie
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