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SACD MFSL The Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street

SACD MFSL The Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street
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The Doobie Brothers - Toulouse Street (Hybrid SACD)

The second album of the Doobie Brothers in 1972 was not only commercially successful and achieved Platinum status in the USA, but led the band with two lead guitarists and two drummers into a new era. The relaxed Californian sound already reminded the Eagles at a party and in fact the band name is a decent reference to people who are willing to drink marijuana.

The sound of the Doobie Brothers is a mixture of rock, R'n'B and even a few Caribbean influences. The whole mixture is extremely happy and should give the music friends a pleasant grin in the face. Especially the classic "Listen to the Music" and the hit "Jesus is Just Alright" are guaranteed for fun hours.

The Mobile Fidelity Re-Issue appears in the mini-LP cover in absolute retro style with coarse cardboard and muted colors and with an ongoing serial number. The spectacular interior photo also fits the mood. Re-mastering by Rob LoVerde.


  1. Listen To The Music
  2. Rockin 'Down the Highway
  3. Mamaloi
  4. Toulouse Street
  5. Cotton Mouth
  6. Do not Start Me Talkin '
  7. Jesus Is Just Alright
  8. White Sun
  9. Disciple
  10. Snake Man

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