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SACD MFSL The Band - Northern Lights - Southern Cross

The Band - Northern Lights - Southern Cross (Hybrid SACD)

After four years of recording abstinence, this album from 1975 was a big leap forward for the band. They used the possibilities of technical advancement and worked with 24-tracks to bring also every bit of the multi-layered compositions on analog tape and the Quintet raged accordingly. With Ophelia, the band even once had a hit single.

The MFSL re-mastering under Rob LoVerde allows deep insights into the artistic entanglement of the soundtracks and the complex instrumentation. The album invites you to indulge in the music, even with songs such as Arcadian Driftwood with chord and flute and violin as additional instruments. The MFSL variant appears as a hybrid SACD in the folding cover with the enclosed manual and is numbered consecutively.


  1. Forbidden Fruit
  2. Hobo Jungle
  3. Ophelia
  4. Acadian Driftwood
  5. Ring Your Bell
  6. It Makes No Difference
  7. Jupiter Hollow
  8. Rags And Bones

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