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SACD Hiromi - Brain

SACD Hiromi - Brain
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Hiromi - Brain (multi - channel hybrid SACD)

Artist: Hiromi

Genre: Contemporary Jazz

Label: Telarc


With the album Another Mind the Japanese pianist Hiromi 2003 presented a gorgeous debut. With the successor Brain, the former student of the Berklee College of Music himself topples: The second album is even more complex, varied and interesting. The title, for example, is inspired by Latin jazz, the entry 'Kung Fu World Champion' serves a wild groove, while 'Green Tea Farm' - a tribute to the grandparents of Hiromi - comes as a poetic pianosolo. The same is true, the eight new pieces are characterized by rock, jazz and classical music, or cite like 'keytalk' funk, in this particular case a bass run, as otherwise only Bootsy Collins can intonieren. The result is a fantastic silver disc, with bebop fans and avant-garde lovers at their own expense. And Hiromi is finally on the list of the most important new pianoplayer in jazz.

And if you're looking for a genre keyword for Hiromis, listen to it, indescribable music, take this: Romantic Jazz Metal.


  1. Kung-Gu World Champion
  2. If ...
  3. Wind Song
  4. Brain
  5. Desert On The Moon
  6. Green Tea Farm (Solo)
  7. Keytalk
  8. Legend Of The Purple Valley

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