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SACD Hiromi - Another Mind

SACD Hiromi - Another Mind
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Hiromi - Another Mind (multi - channel hybrid SACD)

Artist: Hiromi

Genre: Contemporary Jazz

Label: Telarc


'Hiromi comes first in the number of great personalities with whom I played. And I stood with many major stars on the stage or in the studio ... 'says bassist Anthony Jackson. And the pianist Ahmad Jamal added: 'Hiromi changed with every performance the musical landscape.'

The boy, born in 1979 in Shizuoka, Japan pianist, began at the tender age of six, playing the piano and studied at the Yamaha School of Music. Then Hiromi continued her studies in 1999 at the famous Berklee College of Music continued, and became acquainted with jazz, JS Bach, but also appreciated the music of Sly And The Family Stone and love. With Another Mind the 24-year-old musicians now present their debut, in which the listener no longer comes out of the astonishment. With an enormous virtuosity pianist alternates between jazz, avant-garde and rock, it presents timeless classic piano trio, but also subtle excursions into the world of electronics. Double Personality is fittingly one of the nine, of course self-composed pieces in which she has incorporated the guitarist Fiuczynski, and lets him indulge vigorously between blues, fusion and pop. Other highlights include 010101 (Binary System), which would also good to face Neutönern like Steve Reich or Paul Bley, and of course the long piano solo, she ironically called The Tom And Jerry Show. The result is complex, highly varied album, in which not only the approach of boredom there. No question, the name Hiromi you will need to remember from now on.


  1. XYZ
  2. Double Personality
  3. Summer Rain
  4. Joy
  5. 010101 (Binary System)
  6. Truth And Lies
  7. Dançando No Paraiso
  8. Another Mind
  9. The Tom And Jerry Show

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