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HDCD Paul Goodwin & Minnesota Orchestra / Minnesota ...

HDCD Paul Goodwin & Minnesota Orchestra / Minnesota ...
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Paul Goodwin & Minnesota Orchestra / Minnesota Chorale - Tavener - Ikon of Eros

Published in 2003

One of the most celebrated contemporary composers, Sir John Tavener, has worked with the combination of spiritual mysticism, awesome longing and passion that pervades his music, a large worldwide fan base. This work was originally commissioned for Jorja Fleezanis, the concertmaster of the Minnesota Orchestra on the occasion of its centenary. The music appeals to the need for love, peace and transcendence that unites all faiths. Prof. Keith Johnson's recording captures the enveloping sound of the orchestra, chorus and soloists in the Cathedral of Saint Paul (Minnesota) so amazingly good one that he gives the listener a transcendental musical and sonic experience.


  1. I. Metamorphothes-Eros 17:26
  2. II. Eros 7:48
  3. III. Ecstasy-ecstasy-Eros 15:53
  4. IV. Metamorphothes-Alliluia-Eros 20:09
  5. John Tavener in interview with Brian Newhouse 10:46

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