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Gold CD MFSL YES - Fragile

YES - Fragile (24 Karat Gold CD)

The rock classics from 1972 defined the term "progressive rock" as a music genre that also could inspire the mass market. The MFSL reissue shows the amazing dynamic and tonal Qualiäten the master tapes and is great fun.

Similarly as in the '90s the band Nirvana with her title of "Nevermind" managed to establish the grunge as a mass-market genre, Fragile is due this function for the' 70s and the progressive rock. The band had their final occupation found and consisted of Jon Anderson (vocals), Bill Bruford (drums / percussion), Steve Howe (guitar and vocals), Chris Squire (bass and vocals) and Rick Wakeman on organ, piano, mellotron or synthesizer , This album will love those people stayed love the rock and interfere in miserable recording quality.


  1. Roundabout
  2. Cans And Brahms - (extracts from Brahms' 4th Symphony in E minor Third Movement)
  3. We Have Heaven
  4. South Side Of The Sky
  5. Five Per Cent For Nothing
  6. Long Distance Runaround
  7. The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
  8. Mood For A Day
  9. Heart Of The Sunrise

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