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Gold CD MFSL The Cars - Shake it up

The Cars - Shake it up (24 Karat Gold CD)

The fourth album by the Cars followed in 1981 on a weak predecessor. To be not only compared with this work, the band chose almost exclusively songs by band leader Ric Ocasek with his feeling for fast rhythms and ironic lyrics. The sound was exactly the electro-pop zeitgeist of the early 80s and was supported by strong rock riffs.

The MFSL reissue comes with complete text book and Rob Loverde has brought the re-mastering of the analog tapes a very cheerful sound on the gold disc, which perfectly follows the intention of the theme song with "Shake it up". The MFSL version appears with consecutive serial number as a Limited Edition.


  1. Since You're Gone
  2. Shake It Up
  3. I'm Not the One
  4. Victim of Love
  5. Cruiser
  6. A Dream Away
  7. This Could Be Love
  8. Think it Over
  9. Maybe Baby

The best sound is achieved by use of L'Art du Son CD / DVD conditioner before playing.

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