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Gold CD MFSL Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily

Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily (24 karat Gold CD)

The solo debut of the former frontwoman of the 10,000 maniacs was an artistic and commercial success in 1995. Natalie Merchant has been touring the folk rock scene for years, before you have created your own style with socially committed folk pop melodies that should catapult you into the billboard charts up to 13th place.

Her voice, varying between inner strength and vulnerability, draws the listener deeply into the spell. The emotionally dense album builds up a very special intimate atmosphere to the listener and hits like "Carnival" bite into the ear. The social criticism, however, is not neglected. Songs like "San Andreas Fault" about the fulfillment of dreams and the power of nature to bring us back from the glittering world.

Then it is called: O promised land

The MFSL Gold CD appears in the Mini-LP-Cover with booklet and serial number.


  1. San Andreas Fault
  2. Wonder
  3. Beloved Wife
  4. River
  5. Carnival
  6. I May Know the Word
  7. The Letter
  8. Cowboy Romance
  9. Jealousy
  10. Where I Go
  11. Seven Years

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