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CD Uncompressed World - Volume I - retoure

CD Uncompressed World - Volume I - retoure
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Uncompressed World - Volume I

They are rarely in the spotlight, rather prefer the dim light of the recording studio. They provide with their skill and experience that music also in a phonogram as sound as they should sound. Much more than a discreet note in the booklet are available for producers and sound engineers but rarely. With Uncompressed World the unsung heroes of good form are placed in the foreground deliberately. The comprehensive, high quality portrait booklet provides a look behind the scenes. The producer and sound engineer themselves to speak out and represent production technology and provide background information about the development of the title.

In the first edition of Uncompressed World Instrumental tracks are placed at the center. The pictures were taken within the last 20 years and have been carefully selected in several listening sessions. The stylistic spectrum ranging from World Music on New Age to Jazz. The technical goal was to bring the music without loss of quality in a possible "untreated" state to the final master. Not an easy task, because the titles had been taken up by the sound engineers in various formats and modulations. ACCUSTIC ARTS mixer Milan Saje used for the Pro Tools HD system. After countless auditions and cross-compare the decision # 1 dithering algorithm was made in favor of the POW-R to some tracks in 44.1 to convert khz / 16bit. The CD Pre-Master was with Sonic Pre Master on DDP created to also on an ideal "no-loss" basis to work.

Uncompressed World is the first release of the new label ACCUSTIC ARTS AUDIOPHILE RECORDINGS. It belongs to the German high-end forged ACCUSTIC ARTS headquartered in Lauffen (Baden-Württemberg). The label foundation goes back to suggestions of high-end customers worldwide. Besides Steffen Schunk (Management) ARTS AUDIOPHILE RECORDINGS Milan Saje (mixer) and Rasmus Muttscheller (A & R) are active at ACCUSTIC. All three are jointly responsible for the selection of songs.

Attention - despite the DVD typical package is a CD!


  1. Paquito d'Rivera feat. Arturo Sandoval - Claudia
  2. Paquito d'Rivera feat. Arturo Sandoval - Body and Soul
  3. Büdi Siebert & Matthias Frey - Two Trees
  4. PAmagieRA - Sambienta
  5. Matthias Frey - Feathers and Flames
  6. Benjamin Herrmann - I Dreamed in the Cities at Night
  7. Friedemann Witecka - The Last Waltz
  8. Ralf Illenberger - Dancing Katchinas
  9. Ralf Illenberger - Soleil
  10. Joe Fagan Quartet feat. Barbara Bürkle - Opus 10
  11. Tineke Postma - Bar Celta
  12. Mi Tierra - Split
  13. Büdi Siebert - Cosmic Soul (Bonus Track)

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