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CD A Tasty Sound Collection - Whisky & Blues

Performer A Tasty Sound Collection

Genre Pop / Rock

Label inakustik


Whiskey is the drink of the night. It drinks well, in small swallows in bars. With dimmed light. And it does not drink to any music better than to blues. Let your whiskey melt on your tongue and enjoy this assortment of bluesy hymns on the whiskey and the mood when you just need a drink - and somebody to give it (Somebody Buy Me A Drink). Experience what can make whiskey from one (Crazy When She Drinks). And how he helps one if you miss someone (Miss You). Enjoy the blues a good whiskey length: over 56 minutes - just right to sip a single malt.
You will learn about the tradition and history of this fine drink.

  1. Somebody Buy Me A Drink (Johansen, David & The Harry Smiths)
  2. Whiskey Tears (Neal, Kenny)
  3. Crazy When She Drinks (Rocker, Lee)
  4. Love Fever (Popovic, Ana)
  5. Little Guy (Reece, Marc)
  6. Miss You (Cadillac Blues Band)
  7. Message to Man (Guitar Crusher)
  8. Soul Revival (Vivino Brothers)
  9. Time To Pay (Simmons, Stephen)
  10. Black Nite (Blues Company)
  11. By The Light (Anderson, Miller)

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