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Bluray - Phantastische Film Box / Vol. 2

Bluray - Phantastische Film Box / Vol. 2 Bluray - Phantastische Film Box / Vol. 2
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Bluray - Great movie box / Vol. 2
"Shadow - Dead Riot"
As the blood of the satanic serial killer Shadow shortly after his execution flows through the corridors of the maximum-security prison, an inmate uprising can just be brutally suppressed. The numerous bodies of the massacre are buried together with Shadows remains secret on the grounds. 20 years later has become out of jail a women's prison. And Shadow terrorized from beyond the helpless inmates of the prison. But actually he has it in only to the tough Solitaire. As suddenly zombies rise from their prison grave to get their master Shadow to help and chase the female prisoners through the corridors, Solitaire is the only one who dares to oppose Shadow and the undead. The final showdown has begun.
"The Rage 2"
The mad scientist Dr. Vasilienko experimented in his hidden laboratory with a self-developed serum, called "The Rage". This serum transforms its victims into raving, thirsting for human flesh beasts. However, the experiments do not run according to plan: His bloodthirsty patients break out from the laboratory and set out on a bloody trip. They prey on everything human that gets in the way ...
"Jack Brooks - Monster Slayer"
The heart of a demon takes possession of Professor Crowely. He transforms into a hideous monster and henceforth he catches people to make it to his assistants. Only Jack Brooks can save people before the Monster glut ...

  • Format: Bluray
  • Region: Region B / 2
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Rated: PG-18
  • Studio: Video Euro Medien GmbH
  • Release date 5 April 2012
  • Production Year: 2010
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