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Bluray - Phantastische Film Box / Vol. 1

Bluray - Phantastische Film Box / Vol. 1 Bluray - Phantastische Film Box / Vol. 1
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Bluray - Great movie box / Vol. 1
"Wasting Away - Zombies are people too"
Tim, Cindy, Mike and Vanessa just wanted to spend a quiet evening. But poisoned Softeis changes everything. Convulsions plagued, they lose consciousness. When they come around, something is wrong. The people around them move suddenly much faster and take at the sight of four either screaming escape or try to kill them by all means. They themselves are unusually strong and withstand even gunshot wounds and severed limbs easily. Then there's this weird desire for bloodshed and her newfound fondness for human flesh ...
"Pontypool - Radio Zombie"
The radio presenter Grant is a veteran and bring nothing from the rest. One night, he is currently on mission, he learns that spreads a deadly virus in the city of Pontypool. He holed up with his crew in the transmitter, the only link to the outside is the radio. Your only option is to preserve the world from total destruction their mission, in which you warn people. But they did not know how long they are safe. When the virus penetrates into the building ...
"L'Auberge Rouge"
France in the 19th Century: An unsuspecting priest and his protege are walking on the way to the monastery, an illustrious group travel in a carriage bumps over rough terrain. All of them are looking for the night shelter in a secluded guest house in the gloomy misty Pyrenees. What they do not know: The seemingly nice tavern trio murders in little Christian manner his guests and processes them into delicious sausage. The impeccable service is a last meal.

  • Format: Bluray
  • Region: Region B / 2
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Rated: PG-16
  • Studio: Video Euro Medien GmbH
  • Release Date 8 March 2012
  • Playing time: 286 minutes
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