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Pure Siesta Mi DAB+ / UKW radioclock

Pure Siesta Mi DAB + / FM Radio Alarm Clock - Digital and FM radio for the bedside table

Our most compact and most affordable bedside radio. The Siesta Mi has a variety of functions such as digital and FM radio, two alarms, sleep and snooze timers and a large, easily readable display.
The two independent alarms of Siesta Mi can be set to digital radio, FM radio or a buzzer, and they can be turned on or off at a touch. The large and clear display is clearly legible at night and automatically adjusts to the ambient brightness. And despite its compact dimensions, Siesta Mi has been equipped with a surprisingly assertive audio quality and volume.
If you're new to digital radio, it is now high time. Station selection by name; News, results, song titles and more on the scrolling text display; Tuning on a button; Crystal clear sound in digital quality. In addition, the digital technology provides a greater choice in broadcasting - in many regions there are twice as many digital stations such as FM stations.
The Siesta Mi belongs to the family EcoPlusTM, these products are characterized by a minimized environmental impact. This is achieved by a standby power consumption of less than 1W, packaging and documentation from recycled materials and careful attention to the environmental sustainability of all components

  • Two adjustable alarms with fast wake-up call by Digital Radio, FM or a tone
  • Timer for sleep and snooze function
  • Automatic brightness control
  • 16 station presets
  • Low power consumption in standby mode
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