phono accessory replacement stylus Ortofon

Ortofon NF 15 D needle

Ortofon Replacement stylus for Ortofon NF / FF 15 MK II

This replacement needle is 15 MK II scanning the correct spare needle insertion for the Ortofon NF. In addition, can be equipped with a new needle with needle insertion that a variety of pickup.

Technical Specifications

  • spherical stylus
  • Tracking force 15 mN (1.5 g)
fit for subsequent pickup
  • Ortofon FF 15 MK II, FF 15 C MK II, FF 15 E MK II, NF 15 EC MK II, FF 15 EO MK II
  • Ortofon FF 15 X MK II, FF X 15 MK II, FF 15 XE MK II, VMS 5 E MK II
Replacement needle for subsequent original needles
  • Ortofon D 5 E, NF 15 MK II, NF C 15 MK II, NF 15 E MK II, NF 15 EC MK II
  • Ortofon NF 15 EO MK II, NF 15 O MK II MK II X 15 NF, NF 15 XE MK II

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