phono accessory moving coil stylus catridge

Rega Apheta MC cartride stylus

Rega Apheta MC cartride stylus Rega Apheta MC cartride stylus Rega Apheta MC cartride stylus Rega Apheta MC cartride stylus
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Rega Apheta 2 - MC Cartridge

Also in the first MC system, Rega has once again broken new ground. When analyzing the existing MC systems turned out that the technique used had not changed in 50 years - and this although today there are many better and more precise manufacturing capabilities. This fact made it possible to build Rega a fantastic system that is unrivaled well in its price class. Conventional systems are, depending on the specification and composition either through 'or, under' - attenuates (too bright or too dull) - a perfect, mid 'is rarely successful.

It is at this point sat at Rega in its development and read inspired by modern materials and the basic rules of Magentismus. In the Apheta there is no "tie wire" still rubber damping. After 4 years and many hundreds of experiments, the development of Apheta was completed. The result is a pickup MC, the clear high frequencies combined with a fantastic deep, controlled bass! The search for the perfect MC system is over.


  • MC pickups class
  • Stylus Namiki-Vital
  • Rega typical 3 hole Besfestigung
  • compatible with the standard half-inch mounting
  • hand made in England
  • Output impedance 15 ohms
  • Output voltage 0.5 mV
  • Bearing weight from 1.5 to 1.75 grams
  • Weight 6.5 grams
  • Delivery Aluminium Box
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