phono accessory MM stylus cartridge

Ortofon OM 10 Super MM stylus cartridge

Ortofon OM 10 Super MM pickups
With the OM series Ortofon has long been the reference MM-Tonabnehemer created, the long production time and the characteristic needle body are all over the world a concept. The OM 10 Super is the entry in the series and is a super entry-level system for turntables moderately priced.

The Super OM series Ortofon is compatible with each other, so you can start with a Super OM 10 and then with the appropriate needle insertion to improve the quality by using the next higher needle insertion.

  • Output voltage 4 mV
  • Frequency Response 20-24000 Hz
  • Needle resilience 25 micron / mN
  • elliptical stylus
  • Rounding r / R 8 / 18?m
  • Tracking force 1.5 g (15 mN)
  • Weight 2.5 g
  • Weight 5.0 g (unstucked and with enclosed weight plate)
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