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Audio Technica AT-LH 13 OCC Headshell

Audio Technica AT-LH 13 OCC Headshell
Ultra Precision CNC manufactured headshell, which has the property by a special stability and get the maximum potential out of your pickup with a very large mounting surface (at only 13 gr. Net weight). The rubberised finger rest is firstly a haptic experience and secondly, it protects your pickup from static electricity.
The present position of the azimuth Hein Headshell's is perfect for the optimum adjustment of her pickup, a feature which is available at a few Headshell's.
  • SME uptake
  • 2 hole 1/2 Tonabnehmeraufnahme
  • Rubberized finger rest
  • Azimuth adjustment
  • incl. high-quality headshell cable
  • Weight 13 grams
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