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Tivoli Audio The Connector - Docking Station for the model series
Set next to your Model One, Two or Model Model Three the "Connector". Charge while you enjoy your favorite music your iPhone / iPod. Enter your i-Phone, i-Touch, i-Pod Nano or a stable, non-slip and beautiful "home". In many known wood finishes your Tivoli radios, there is now the "Connector" - the "wise" cradle of Tivoli Audio.
Of course, you can use the "Connector" also use otherwise. The connector fits namely into any existing HiFi or home theater system.
Square, practical - great!
A safe level is important because an iPhone or iPod is a relatively heavy, large proportional and Real device.The most external docking stations are the contrary small, lightweight plastic box which not infrequently on which they scratch the hydric underground stand and damage. In many cases, slip and scrape it around while trying to use the touch screen iPod or iPhone.
Only the A -and- Unplugging a iPhone or iPod into a "dock" carries many costly risks. Sometimes fall or tilt this docking stations this simply. In other cases, in this case the tiny port crabs are hopelessly damaged and it threatens a total loss of the dock -and sometimes of iPhones or iPods.
The "Connector" stands on non-slip feet. The many adjustable metal bracket on the rear side of the connector ensures optimal protection of your iPhone or iPods.Durch the so secure hold your iPhone / iPod in the connector, you can now safely navigate the device without the fear of having to the "dock" this round slipping or even damage the sensitive connector tiller.
The "Connector" also holds a small remote control for you with which you can navigate from a distance in your iPhone / iPod menu.
An S-Video output on the back of the connector allows you to connect your iPhone / iPod to the existing home theater system, the PC or the TV. So you can easily transfer photos or videos on your screen while the music or the sound through your existing stereo system is reproduced.
The Connector - the ideal gift!
Perhaps you are one of those lucky people whom a Tivoli Model One, Two or Three was paid? And maybe you have even some of our coveted Tivoli radios donated to love people of their environment? So what could be better than "the continuation of" a great gift?
See for yourself or your loved ones happy and give "a connector" ..... for a good connection ...
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