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Phonak Audeo foam ear tips small

Phonak Audeo foam ear tips small Phonak Audeo foam ear tips small
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Phonak Audeo Comply ear tips Size Small
The perfect fit is the key to the best sound results and that is where the Audeo headphones have a distinct advantage over its competitors. Phonak hearing aid manufacturer a HiFi newcomers with innovative solutions to the human ear. Fit is the key to success. Comply foam ear pieces improve the transfer laterally compressed and inserted into the ear canal and provide for maximum comfort.

Although the earplugs very well adapt to the ear canal, it is worthwhile to try out all sizes to achieve the best comfort. The foam earplugs provide better shielding of ambient noise and are therefore particularly suitable for noisy environments and travel.
  • suitable for all Audeo Headphones
  • Set with 3 pairs
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Size S
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