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Lehmann Audio Linear USB black

Lehmann Audio Linear USB Headphone Amplifier

The linear USB expands the already very good preamp / headphone amplifier is a USB input of data from computers receive and can pass on to the local system. The data stream is automatically detected and the machine will dial the USB input.

The controlled bass response, an exemplary resolution and absolute ease over the entire frequency spectrum merge by the Black Cube to a rousing sound experience.

For systems that consist of a source and a computer, the linear USB is the absolute easiest and most effective conceivable Vorversträker.


  • Class A output stage without overall negative feedback
  • excellent sound quality of the USB D / A converter with passive LC filter
  • USB input for your computer from USB 1.0, sample rates up to 48kHz
  • additional analog input with RCA and mini-jack and loop-through
  • automatic input selection with USB priority circuit
  • Maximum gain adjustable up to 20dB for adaptation to most dynamic headphones
  • excellent properties as a preamplifier
  • double-sided boards for optimized circuit board layout and component placement
  • Burr Brown op amp
  • gold-plated RCA jacks
  • non-magnetic housing
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