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Sieveking Sound headphone stand zebrano

Headphone Stand Omega

The Sieveking Sound Headphone Stand Omega is now available. Once the Omega has found on the High End in Munich very positive attention, the four versions of maple, cherry, walnut and exotic zebrawood are now available. The Omega is completely produced in Germany from only a workpiece and is provided with a toxicologically tested paint that is approved for use with children's toys. It comes in a pouch of undyed flannel. This is meant to be light and dust protection for the Omega and the headphones.

The exclusive design is already entered Europe as design. The Headphone Stand is perfect for any music lover who does not want to leave carelessly discarded in some corner of his headphones, but is committed to his passion for music.

The straight sides provide a uniform load of cushion and thus ensure the long term for a good fit of the headphones.

The Omega is large enough to accommodate even very large handset such as the Sennheiser HD 800 or a round Stax.

The Omega is made of wood and thus a living material that reacts to environmental influences. Please note also that the veneer will darken in sunlight.

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