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Action Package: Aura Groove Amplifier + Aura Neo CD Player Exhibitor
Aura Groove amplifier with USB input
The Aura Groove is the very small, but still very large control unit of the modern music system. He combines a variety of connections with maximum enthusiasm and unexpected power reserves.
The Aura Groove is a compact amplifier that combines the advantages of a classic amplifier circuit with the connectivity of the devices of modern times. The amplifier is equipped with MOSFET transistors built in a single-ended push-pull circuit. This circuit is rarely encountered due to the comparatively high design effort and provides an excellent combination of musical flow and controlling power. A powerful toroidal transformer provides the appropriate power supply and inside the device, the power supply and the amplifier circuit are separated by the large heat sink.
In addition to balanced connections, the groove also offers two additional high-level inputs, a complete tap loop and a pre-amp output. In addition, an iPod controller is integrated that allows you to control an Apple iPod with the Groove's remote control. An additional USB input makes contact with computers of all kinds and lets them recognize the groove as an external sound card.
Groove's design comes from British star designer Kenneth Grange and will continue to delight you in the distant future. The polished stainless steel front and black anodised aluminum buttons delight the hand and eye. The large and easy-to-read display can be dimmed or completely switched off, and the stylishly integrated headphone output in the front is recommended for recessed hours of music enjoyment.
  • 2 x 75 watts output power to 8 ohms
  • symmetrical input
  • two high-level inputs
  • Tape loop
  • Pre Out
  • iPod control with included remote control
  • USB audio input up to 16 bit / 48 kHz
  • dimmable display
  • full headphone output
  • Dimensions W x D x H in mm 286 x 300 x 75
Aura Neo CD player
The Aura Neo is the stylish combination of a CD drive with a DA converter. Outstanding design and modern transducer technology make the Neo appear as something unique in the landscape of CD players.
The Aura Neo is more than just a beautiful CD player. The Neo is based on a high-quality CD drive of the Japanese manufacturer Sanyo, which works with a robust Toshiba laser and rests in a metal frame on elastomers. To stabilize the CD in the drive serves a large magnetic puck and the read data are transferred before conversion in a large buffer to give external vibration no chance to interrupt the flow of data.
The integrated DA converter has been designed from the outset to include external sources and so not only the data of the integrated CD drive are read, but there are also an optical, a coaxial and a USB digital input available. Thus, not only about a digital satellite receiver or a Blu-Ray player can be connected, but also as good a streaming client for music from the home network or a laptop. The converter provides a switchable upsampling function that can convert both internal and external data to 96 kHz or 192 kHz sampling frequency. Purists can also bypass this feature.
The Neo has both balanced and RCA outputs, and the digital data is output both optically and coaxially. Thus, for example, an external DA converter or a CD recorder can make use of the tonal merits of the drive.
The design of the Aura Neo comes from the British design icon Kenneth Grange and the combination of cut glass, polished stainless steel, metal buttons and the large red display will delight the eye and hand in many years to come. Incidentally, the display is both dimmable and can be switched off and the entire device is, of course, remotely controllable.
  • CD drive from Sanyo with Toshiba Laser in metal frame
  • optical / coaxial digital input
  • additional USB input
  • optical / coaxial digital output
  • switchable upsampling (bypass / 96 kHz / 192 kHz)
  • large dimmable and switchable display
  • Balanced / RCA outputs
  • completely remote controllable
  • Dimensions W x D x H in mm 286 x 300 x 80
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