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Supra Analog EFF-ISL interconnect 0.75 meter

Supra Analog EFF-ISL Cinchkabel - the favorite

The Testieger cable is pre-assembled with a clamped Supra PPSL RCA plugs - the analog connection is paramount. Here price and performance impressively, just here in the 0.75 meters in length, optimal for superimposed hi-fi devices.


  • Silver plated OFC copper 0.5 mm² / conductor
  • Tubular flexible conductors (Holhleiter)
  • Insulation of PE in the middle
  • Two individually shielded conductors
  • Aluminum screen is only laid on one side on ground
  • Supra PPSL RCA plug
  • braced
  • Color ice blue
  • Length 0.75 meters
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