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Isotek EVO3 Titan - black EU

Isotek EVO3 Titan - black EU Isotek EVO3 Titan - black EU Isotek EVO3 Titan - black EU Isotek EVO3 Titan - black EU
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Isotek EVO3 Titanium including Premier Cable -. Black (EU)

Do not miss your audio components clean and uniform flow.

The power supply affects the sound in many ways. By clean filtered power to protect your equipment and achieve a dramatic improvement of the sound quality. Connect the Titan and experience exceptional bass articulation and an enormous expansion of the sound panorama Take therefore the multiple preisgekröhnten power bars the company Isotek and hear the difference!


  • Eliminates common mode and differential-mode interference
  • Reduces radio interference 80 dB
  • Independently operating push-pull outputs prevent crosstalk
  • Each output has its own filters with automatic detection, which ensures the optimum shielding between the six outputs and balanced crosstalk prevented
  • Grounding Protection
  • Six outputs with 4,600 W continuous power and 23,000 W Einschwingleistung
  • Internal wiring; solid OFC copper, silver coated with FEP jacket and virtual air dielectric
  • Available for UK, EU, US ports - Talk to us!
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