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HiSAVER TV main block

HiSAVER TV main block HiSAVER TV main block HiSAVER TV main block
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HiSAVER TV / Video Power Cord - The TV-Audio Multi-connector

HiSAVER is an automatically energy-saving multi-socket power strip, which controls the power consumption of electronic devices in the workplace and the living room in a patented way or excludes the standby consumption and protects it by an integrated overvoltage protection.

How is electricity consumption reduced?

  • A motion detector detects presence at the workplace and switches off the peripheral devices in the slave sockets after 10 minutes of absence. After returning to the workplace, they are reactivated automatically.
  • When the PC is switched off, plugged into the master slot, the peripheral devices in the slave sockets are switched off after 3 minutes.
  • Except is a slot for the SAT receiver. This always draws current.
How does HiSAVER protect the environment?
  • Reduction of power consumption since the standby mode of the devices is not active.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Longer life of the equipment, therefore less electrical waste.
  • Produced from recyclable plastics.
How are the devices protected?
  • The HiSAVER socket strip has an overvoltage protection up to 3.180 Joule!
  • The devices have a prolonged service life because power supplies are not constantly current.
  • HiSAVER offers a manufacturing guarantee of 5 years.
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