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L'Art du Son CD/DVD Conditioner

L'Art du Son CD / DVD Conditioner

The L'Art du Son CD-DVD Cleaner and Conditioner is suitable for all kinds of 12cm polycarbonate lenses. Completely independent of whether CD, DVD; Hybrid SACD or CD-R they spray L'Art du Son undiluted directly on the surface. Then they blur the spray with the fingers on the front and back so that the entire surface gets a thin film. Then with a soft lint-free cloth, or better yet, wipe a paper towel.

The dry CD will feature a much more natural sound with improved naturalness and stable positioning. Everything seemed clear and harmonious in a positive way less digital. In visual media, such as DVDs, providing better depth of focus, higher contrast and less noise. In particular, red colors seem more realistic and convincing. This effect is independent of whether you transfer the data via analog or digital cable. If you use CD-Rs, you should treat them before burning with L'Art du Son. Please do not use with self-printed CD labels, as this can lead to color changes.

The spray applied to the plastic surface of the disk and changes the nature of the surface there. Hereby, the laser light with less irritation caused by the protective layer through the reflective layer, and therefore operate more accurate data readout. A single treatment is sufficient.

One bottle is enough for about 300 discs. The L'Art du Son CD-DVD cleaner is non-flammable, contains only very small amounts of alcohol and is non-toxic. As with the LP cleaner, it should be shaken before use to achieve a mixing of the continuous wide biodegradable ingredients.

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