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Sieveking Sound XLR Female caps

Sieveking Sound female XLR end caps

The Sieveking Sound female XLR end caps are a useful accessory for all unused analog outputs of HiFi components in XLR format. The caps are made of pure copper and coated in a vacuum-deposition with gold. Inside there is an additional Teflon insert. This unique combination allows outstanding high-frequency absorption.

The RCA end caps are placed over unused inputs and outputs of hi-fi components and perform there three important functions.

  1. They protect the unused connection from corrosion, which is advantageous especially in older devices without gold-plated contacts.
  2. They prevent the penetration of dust into the unused RCA jacks, which would limit the conductivity of the contact surface for future use.
  3. They prevent the penetration of high-frequency radiation in the unit, as the open sockets no longer antennas from the Faraday cage of the housing project out now, but are closed. Thus, the electromagnetic radiation that is otherwise passed over the positive contact the phono plug directly into the unit, consistently shielded and discharged to the chassis ground.
While the functions 1 and 2 have a particular impact on the long term durability of the device, the function of three is actually audible. The reduced radiation of RF signals has an effect in the form of a lower noise floor. The music is clearer, and surprisingly, the audience often has the feeling that the music signal is now suddenly become quieter. This is a psychoacoustic illusion, because we associate the reduction of noise initially with a smaller volume.

Experienced significant pre-post effect if you've heard a few days with the end caps and this removed: The sound suddenly seems undefined and less present.

The strength of the improvement in sound is heavily dependent on the components used. Devices with Tubes and hi-fi systems to speakers with high efficiency respond more clearly than transistor amplifier with high feedback on speakers that need large amounts of electricity.

Regardless of the size of the impact on your music enjoyment Sieveking Sound caps are an ornament for your investment and an investment in long-term Hörfreuden with your quality components.

  • 2 pieces per case
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